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The iSeg2017 challenge is organized in the spirit of cooperative scientific progress. We do not claim any ownership or rights to the algorithms, but we require anyone to respect the rules below. The following rules apply to those who register a team and/or download the data:

  • The downloaded data sets or any data derived from these data sets are not redistributed under any circumstances.
  • All information entered when registering a team, including the name of the contact person, the affiliation (institute, organization or company the team’s contact person works for) and the e-mail address must be complete and correct. In other words, anonymous registration is not allowed. The data provided will not be used for any purposes other than the iSeg2017 competition. If you want to submit anonymously, for example because you want to submit your results to a conference that requires anonymous submission, please contact first.
  • Data downloaded from this site may only be used for the purpose of preparing an entry to be submitted on this site. The data may not be used for other purposes in scientific studies and may not be used to train or develop other algorithms, including but not limited to algorithms used in commercial products.
  • The segmentation results can be submitted 3 times, and only the latest/best results will appear online.
  • Results of your submission will only be published on the website when a document (e.g., a scientific paper) describing the method is provided. Please e-mail this document (or a link to it) to the organizers if you want your results to be published.
  • If a commercial system is evaluated, no method description is necessary, but the system has to be publicly available and the exact name and version number have to be provided.
  • The organizers of the challenge will check the method description before your results will be published on the website.
  • Please make sure that whenever you use and/or refer to the iSeg-2017 datasets in your manuscripts, you should always cite the following paper: Li Wang, et al., “Benchmark on Automatic 6-month-old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2017 Challenge.” IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 38 (9), 2219-2230, 2019.
  • Evaluation of the segmentation results uploaded to the iSeg2017 website will be made publicly available on the iSeg2017 website. By submitting your results, you grant us permission to publish our evaluation. Participating teams maintain full ownership and rights of their methods.
  • Teams must notify the organizers of iSeg2017 about any publication that is (partly) based on the results data published on this site.